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Open a branch of Blackmont Consulting in your local city or university to become a key player in shaping the consulting landscape. Benefit from our global network, innovative solutions, and collaborative community. Contribute to local development while accessing resources and support to drive business success. Connect, grow, and lead with us.

The Process




Submit the Application Form

Complete and submit the application form to initiate the process.

Film Clapboard

Interview with the Expansion Team

Discuss vision, skills, and commitment in opening a successful branch.


Upon successful completion of each phase, you will receive details about the subsequent steps in the application process. Further information about the application process and our expectations can be found in this presentation. For any inquiries or concerns, feel free to contact us at


The guide meticulously details the conditions and requirements for branch creation, providing a clear roadmap for prospective candidates. Additionally, it demystifies the application process, guiding readers through each step to ensure a seamless and successful initiation into the Blackmont Consulting family.

Furthermore, this guide highlights the myriad benefits individuals can reap by creating a branch, emphasizing professional growth and financial rewards. Empower your entrepreneurial journey with this insightful guide, tailored to pave the way for your success in branching out with Blackmont.


This Guidebook serves as a comprehensive manual for Blackmont consultants, providing invaluable insights into the strategic structuring of their future career paths.


It delves into extensive details, offering a thorough exploration of the various consulting career trajectories available to individuals within our esteemed organization. From specialized domains to leadership roles, this guide outlines the diverse avenues that Blackmont consultants can navigate, ensuring a well-informed and purposeful approach to building their professional journey.

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